Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 9 - Falling Behind in Other "Life"

I need to update my resume to really look for another job... I have a lead and a couple ideas, and need to follow through... and I'm falling WAY behind on my chorus responsibilities.

The job thing is a much higher priority... the chorus stuff makes me feel bad.  My health and diet taking up so much of my time and energy is where I want my focus to be, so I need to let go of more. I'll pick up the phone this afternoon.

Yesterday was a good day as far as eating and hunger and energy! I was sniffly all day, beginning the night before last -- all day yesterday and last night as well -- taking extra Vitamin C and eating the Garlic (!) and sleeping more, and taking mucus relief medicine. I don't feel sick, just snotty!

I started working on some of the piles of paper in my room, and made some progress -- more to be done today!

 Here's a photo of the delicious Cauliflower "Mac 'n Cheese" I made last night... I left the recipe for hubs and he made some too -- Thanks again Lyn at Escape from Obesity... her stuff so far has been awesome!

I'm crying at odd times about Dorwin and the senselessness of the shooting last Saturday -- it still doesn't feel real.

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TinaMcD said...

You earlier mentioned ground turkey....look for lettuce wraps with turkey...YUM!