Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 22 ~ Back to Basics

I was completely in-line with plan yesterday... and was rewarded this morning with a 2 lb loss!! That makes 26 lbs gone as of today... will have to see what the chorus scale shows tonight.

Starting to walk today... didn't get up for the dog, but have my pedometer and will walk around the neighborhood where I work.  A homeowner suggested I take 10 minutes after work while the weather is so beautiful and just walk around the neighborhood... D'uh! So today I'll start doing that.

I read an article about JP Muller and his system of 15 - 25 minutes of exercises every day. I think to start that as an addition to my morning routine next week would be great... and I think that with walking the dog in the mornings, that would be ideal.

I've been trying to figure out how to carve time in the mornings to get housework done, AND the musical goals I want to accomplish for myself (Director's Education Program, Arranging Music, Learning new music for Quartet)... and am thinking 3 days a week for music, 2 days a week for laundry, vacuuming, garbage-emptying and general pick up; with dishes and kitchen always on the list.... then hopefully the afternoons can be saved for weight loss routine(s) - blogging, menu planning etc... and special projects -- for example... taking the Christmas Tree down.

Yep, still UP!!
One year it was up until St. Patrick's Day... Not THIS year...!

This afternoon I'll update my food log, but here's a picture of my dinner last night...

That is a HUGE portion of meat... since I'm allowed 5 oz of pork, and this was only 3.5...
I had some cheese last night!! :D YAY!!

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Jennifer said...

Hello! thank you for your comment on my blog! I want to mention something...I think you should definately walk while on MF. The only reason I stopped losing was because I started running. And that was just too much exercise with the program for my body. If you read back into my blog from the beginning you can see just how successful MF was for me! I wish you all the luck and look forward to following your journey. Thank you so much for you comment over on my blog today. It makes me feel like I am not writing for nothing!!! And...congrats to you on your 26 lbs!!!