Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 6 - My Medifast Kitchen Set Up

First, Let me post yesterday's Delicious Dinner!!
Mahi Mahi, Zucchini Alfredo (Zuke Noodles) & Spinach salad with 3 very small broccoli heads, and the inside of the zucchini that was not used for making the 'noodles,' and 1 tsp of dressing.  This was a VERY filling, fabulous meal. I used a marinade that I tweaked slightly for MF portion control, but it had olive oil, soy sauce, minced garlic, pepper, and I put in a couple shakes of Tobasco. I marinaded for about 3 or 4 hours, and I have another 7 oz of fish left from the package I bought!
* * *

I am still in shock over the events of yesterday, and what the news is calling the "Congresswoman Giffords Event" -- Event? You mean the 'Shooting of Congresswoman Giffords in the head and the senseless death of 6 other people, including one person from my church family, and 12 other victims shot?!! An Event?!

What a horrifying, terrible, awful day. 
* * *

I wasn't hungry at all from 11am to 3pm yesterday - which is too long to go without eating on MF ~ I ended up eating a Mint Chocolate bar right before going to sleep last night, and of course woke up ravenous. I want to keep to a pretty even eating schedule, so am drinking water and tea for an hour or two before having breakfast.

I've been discovering some pretty decent looking low-carb recipes online, and have put together my own cupboard for Medifast Preparation... a little section of the kitchen to call my own....

On the section of the wall to the left, will be hung a magnetic erase board, so I can put up my tracking for the day (because I do forget how many condiments vs optional snacks vs. healthy fats I use up in a day; and these things are important to keep in balance...).  I'll post the weight loss chart I've made up as well, so after a couple months the downward lines will hopefully help keep me motivated. 

On the inside of the cupboard I've taped up larger print outs of the MF Plan allowances - Green Options, Lean Options, Non-Meat Options, Optional Snacks, and a little booklet of Condiment Portion Size Recommendations will probably be on the magnet board when it goes up.  I'm also putting the 'Suggested Cooking Chart' for the George Foreman Grill in a permanent spot, for it is extremely useful to have handy.

The scale to weigh on is on the floor in this area as well, so I have this whole little area all set up.  Himself has rearranged some cupboards to be "his" -- which I won't even look in! There's a shelf in the fridge designated as mine, and keeping it to one shelf will keep me from buying too much in advance (which then means food goes to waste).
* * *

I'm torn about today -- I feel like I need to go to church and be part of the Song Service and grieve with others over the terrible loss of Dorwin Stoddard, but a part of me really doesn't want to.  I then have quartet rehearsal this afternoon, and need to plan for my eating for that, since it usually lasts all afternoon to the early evening. And I've not done anything to plan for a productive quartet rehearsal.

Maybe hopping in the shower and at least getting READY for church will move me forward in the right direction.

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