Sunday, January 26, 2014

I want to make videos post on YouTube.

Excellent Videos, that people will watch.

I like this one...

Goodbye You Coney Island Baby (one man barbershop quartet)

and of me. Singing. and perhaps playing guitar.

and of my healthy eating (juicing/plant-based) journey.

* * *

Doing anything at 300 lbs is much more difficult than at 290. It is amazing what 10 lbs will do. And 10 lbs at a time to take off is not an unreasonable or depressing or "defeated before I even start" number.


I don't want to watch myself on anything looking and feeling like I do right now.

Doing Music Every Day is Very Strong Motivation.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

More Action

Write more. More writing. Do More. More Doing. Less "Should-ing." More Action.

I kinda came to a "Duh!" realization this morning... that to write about cool stuff that matters (at least matters to me), I have to actually do stuff (not even cool stuff all the time) that matters (at least to me).

*takes a bow* yes, thank you very much, I am often slow in the internalization of realization department.

I came across a very cool website "Impossible HQ" by Joel Runyon. This post (about writing about stuff that matters) sort of turned on the light bulb a bit brighter.  I got started from Rowdy Kittens' post about Happy Links - 'How to de-Google' and am thinking that will be in my future. But not my near future.

The things I want to do are not impossible.  But I allow the details and little things (and granted, it isn't always the little things, sometime the distractions are big things) to stall my progress and block my view to experiences.  I do want more experiences and less things.

My near future (today) is Quartet rehearsal... where I actually wrote out a plan (but haven't sung myself yet), and then possibly singing with the college kids tonight. 

I was going to take down the Christmas tree yesterday, but didn't. I want to take pictures of the ornaments, so maybe I'll get up in the mornings with better light and take a few pictures every morning so I can put the tree away next weekend. Getting it down before the end of January would be neat.

Still having trouble focusing on what I want this year to look like. I did get rid of more non-essential crafting supplies, and am slowly (very, very slowly) getting closer to my goal of having all my craft supplies not related to scrapbooking fitting in one shelf.  And my books are getting closer to being in the other bookshelf.  There is movement.

I went scrapping Friday night and got 4 pages done... still some titles and journalling to do, but I do enjoy it. 

My clean spot is still clean, and I've cleared piles of papers and have new piles to go through, action and sort. So that is good.  I'm making way for more experiences.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Photo-A-Day... Simplifying

I joined Blipfoto in 2011... now I have it on my phone, so maybe I can indeed stay true to 'photo-a-day' better than last year...

Here's the photo for today:

Clearing my horizontal spaces square foot by square foot.

Suffering from food poisoning the last couple of days... ugh. But today is better and I'm doing laundry and catching up on some things.

I wrote down these words as what I want to spend my time and energy on for this year:
  • Spiritual
  • Relationships
  • Singing
  • Creating Music
  • Music
  • Photos & Stories
  • Color
  • Health
  • Simpler
  • USA Road Trips

Other things need to receive less attention. Technology is getting too complex that the simplicity that it can provide doesn't. I upgraded my phone right at the end of December, and I love my Samsung Galaxy S4, but there's a lot of 'stuff' I don't want or need, and trying to get rid of it (or at least so I don't have to see it on my screen of apps) is taking too much time.

My weekend at the Keith Lancaster Praise & Harmony recording for "Everlasting God" was incredibly amazing and another bucket-list event for me. Singing at a higher level... giving our 'best fruits' for Him and aiming for our own personal best for the excellent result is so gratifying. I do that with Sweet Adelines all the time, which is why I love it... the challenge of doing better every time... raising the bar... I love that challenge. Travelling with the college group (26 hours in the van round trip) was incredibly fun, and I feel I know some people a lot better now, and that helps me feel more like a part of the group... though I am old enough to be most of their mothers... ha ha.

Clearing my spaces... I feel it in my bones that this is really & truly the year. I'm ready. "Will it fit in my tiny house?" is my question to ask myself... getting it digitalized if I need to... being secure in knowing (feeling) that what I have is enough, and letting go of unreal expectations as I'm trying to laser-beam focus on what is important. Health should probably be higher on the list, but the first 4 items: Spiritual, Relationships, Singing, Creating Music... these are where I want my energies to be focused, and that means cutting out a lot of the unessential.

"It's not the daily increase but the daily decrease. Hack away at the unessential."
~ Bruce Lee