Sunday, April 27, 2014

Denying Myself - Dying to Self

Preaching this morning left a physical imprint on me, somewhere.  He told this story that Bono told:
A number of years ago, I met a wise man who changed my life. In countless ways, large and small, I was always seeking the Lord's blessing. I was saying, you know, I have a new song, look after it... I have a family, please look after them... I have this crazy idea... And this wise man said: stop.
He said, stop asking God to bless what you're doing.
Get involved in what God is doing — because it's already blessed.
This was the thought that left a physical imprint. 

It's not about me.

and what am I being asked to give up.


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Be Like Jesus... Don't Be Stupid

Faithful, regardless of Feelings.

Facts over Feelings.

I am created this way, I firmly believe... perhaps this is my test. My trial. Self-control. Self-discipline, with gentleness, love and kindness, compassion and understanding, but with no reservations or bending.  I trust my gut first, my brain second.  In some situations I know in my heart I did the right thing in trusting my instincts. 

But I need to be so much better about knowing the facts. And not letting my emotions toss me to and fro. In regards to eating, spending and well, everything.

I'm talking about faith here, of which I have so very little. Jesus is the way, the only way, and I have lost sight of that fact -- and am so very thankful I have audio lessons to stimulate my thinking, and touch my heart.

I pray for stick-to-it-ness in regards to my faith. That I keep my eye on the truth of the resurrection.

And the *whatever it is* that allows me to say with conviction, 'Your Will Be Done' - regardless of my fear and doubts, my insecure thoughts and feelings... that I will trust.

Conflict arises already... "I know I am supposed to be doing something with music, and singing"

How do I *KNOW* that?

I don't know how I know, I just know.


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Taking Care of Technology (Day 27)

Went to the AT & T mobile share plan - 10GB with mobile hot spot built in and international texting included for less than I was paying before. Cool.

Catching up with Twitter. Following some new folks, and now need to begin regular postings. They need to have Information, Insight & Humor. The Trifecta of Success in the world of 140 characters or less. The gauntlet has been thrown - succinct is not my strong point.

Planning my career change/move after May 9th. The countdown has begun. I will reach my 3 years at one place of business, and it will be time to move on. I have a plan, which is awesome. I am full of fear, but that is normal. I'm eager for the new adventure, and am laying groundwork.

And I want to have a few voice students... to begin to build a singing studio.

Still a lot of de-cluttering to do. But, as I write that sentence, it isn't really de-cluttering as much as it is hacking away at the unessential (a la Bruce Lee quote). I have so many projects I want to complete, things I want to do "before I get started" - when I'm actually already in progress. If that makes any sense.

I have to keep reminding myself of what I want to do, and what is the most important. Singing. And Music. And making room for that, without being distracted by all the unfinished projects.

Truly, this is difficult, I've been dreaming of projects and planning them for so very long, it is like ripping off parts of my body.