Sunday, June 26, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Mom!! (Day 173)

What a Fun & Exhausting Weekend!!

Footnotes Quartet sang at Bookman's -- for two hours! we received payment AND Bookman's Credit ... which is way fun! We had a blast, and thanks to so many friends and family who showed up!!

Mom & Step-dad came down for the weekend... a little getaway (and a few degrees cooler here than in Phoenix area) for her birthday...

And the chorus had a Farewell Party ~ Luau Karaoke! to say goodbye to some people who will definitely be leaving big HOLES in the chorus!

As an experiement... here 's a video of some of the party... it is dark, but you get the idea.

On my scale ~ I see a new number!! VERY exciting!!

I wore my shorts today... also very exciting!!

I am now in a new position at work, a promotion has come my way! I'm excited to be learning new things and perhaps being a supervisor/manager is in my future...?!

Feeling very grateful and extremely blessed. ♥

Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 167

Walked 3.17 miles this morning... YAY!

Happy 13th Anniversary to me and himself ♥

74 lbs down!

A re-evaluation of my goal weight reveals that realistically, 167 as a goal is too little. Without any fat - just lean muscle, bones & organs, I weigh 145. The Body Scan at Medifast says to be in the "normal" range -- I only have 74.9 lbs to go... which means... I'm halfway there!


Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 160

I think I might be turning into an early riser.

Of course, having the sun starting to come up when I get out of bed helps... so we'll see what happens when the days get shorter.

Happy 70th Birthday to my dad. He Rocks. ♥ Love you so very much.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 159

Not too much different going on... did another selfish thing to another friend... shorter time in the beat-myself-up hole... but long enough.  Ack.  Avoiding that feeling is why I try to be perfect.  Damn this human-ness that prevents me from perfection!

I'm down 2 lbs this morning... yesterday's eating was without a lot of veggies... 3 stalks of celery, to be exact... and lots of walking around singing in the heat of the Tucson Downtown between 6pm and 8pm, which... I have to say... the heat didn't bother me AT ALL.

For anyone who knows me, this is a huge thing.  Yes, it was warm. I had water, I wore appropriate clothing. 70 lbs ago I would have died.  If for no other reason, just being able to live comfortably in the desert heat has been such a HUGE blessing result of losing the extra insulation layer that is certainly NOT needed in the desert...  so I'm saying it again --- I'm thrilled with this weight loss!!

Ha. Seems obvious, but I don't know if I've put it in those terms yet.

My wedding ring I can now maneuver off my finger with just my fingers... I hope that makes sense... I can wriggle it off my finger up and down the ring finger and it is so cool to have that little reminder of how much weight is gone.  I even was able to wear it on the middle finger AND the ring finger of my right hand... which never has happened before.  I still have 'fat' fingers... genetics from dad, I'm afraid... but this finger thing is a big deal in my world.

Apparently enough to warrant a blog post (*LOL*).
* * *

My craft room has furniture and crafts in it! The desk my computer will go on is set up, the peg-board wall and IKEA hanging wire thing-a-ma-jig is now installed... two Expedit units are put together, and shelves are up!  It is so fun to be in the process of moving, organizing, sorting and putting together my creative space!!!  This is where a lot of my energy is going... how to decorate it, how to have it set up to function the best, etc... I'm so happy and thrilled... and my hubby has outdone himself with getting the last little things done so quickly.  I think he saw how his office will soon be ALL his faster... which I'm sure has helped inspire him.  Whatever the reasons... He ROCKS!!

I'll post pictures soon...
* * *

I just want to say... this may seem random, but whatever ;-)

Everyone can sing. (Not everyone has to listen, however...).  Everyone SHOULD sing... even if only for yourself, in the shower or whatever.  And people who "judge" people and tell them not to sing shut down an entire side of expression of self.  Some people are better singers than others... just like some people can do math faster, and other people have baking skills, and others have talent carving wood. 

“Use what talents you possess; the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best.” ~ Henry Van Dyke

 The other thought I have is that I'm really really tired of hearing people say, "I'm not creative."  Perhaps you're not artistic... but everyone has creativity in some form or another.  The definition of creative is when you can think of another use for something than for what the item was originally intended.  Anytime you've used your shoe to nail something into wall is a time you're being creative.  As I'm thinking of ways to decorate my Creative Studio Space (as it is also a music room, not just crafts), I am reminded of this creative vs artistic debate.

I'm sort of artistic, but I need to practice to be better... there are naturally artistic people out there, and then there are people who have a bent that direction, but just need to work at it more.  The same quote above works for those who think they have no artistic talent, either... if you want something you have to put effort toward it... and if something doesn't come easily... that doesn't mean you shouldn't put a little time toward it and see what happens.

Off the somewhat rambling Soapbox. Perhaps a more in-depth look at this topic will be done later... lots of things that have a deadline to be done today.

Thanks for reading.

Off to work on promoting the upcoming Chorus Show (November 12, 2012) to senior audiences!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Day 152 ~ the day after my first 5K walk...! and 70 Lbs GONE

Yay ... I did it... I was absolutely dead last, but YAY ME!!!

On Saturday it was the 5 month anniversary of being on Medifast -- I was at the MF Clinic and have lost 70 lbs and 90.75 inches. My bp was 124/71... no meds. WOOT!!  Since last month when I was measured, I've lost 4 inches around my waist... I think another contributing factor to that great loss is the fact that I'm wearing a 2X pretty comfortably in tops now (WOOT WOOT!) and 1X 18/20 on the bottoms.  I even bought a pair of shorts that are a size 20 -- and they're 93% cotton and 3% stretchy, but they ZIP and they SNAP!! 

No, still not going to be tucking anything in anytime soon... but a size 2X top over them works well!

I've put my progress picture front-side on Facebook, and will get to the side views etc... for the progress page as soon as I can.  Here, however, is me and my escort at the finish line of the 5K from last night (my time was 1:12).

It was 102 yesterday, I had on my neck-cool thing, drank 3 bottles of water before, during and after, and hopped in the (still quite cold) pool at home for about 15 minutes to seriously cool down.  Today I'm feeling like I did something yesterday, but feel good.  Re-hydrating a lot... my lips feel dry!

I also had the craft class yesterday... and my buddy and I did IKEA in under 40 minutes!! WOOT  WOOT!! I know that the lack of the Lean & Green before walking, the fact that I woke up at 4:27am and drove 4 hours, then spent time teaching crafts, and then, finally... getting to the walk had something to do with my energy levels ... (ya think?!) *LOL*

See the flower? that's gonna be a theme for my 5K walk/run/walk experience(s)....

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 148

Woefully behind... out 3 nights a week with chorus stuff. The job is going well. Medifast was awesome last week, this week a bit slower... my George Foreman Grill broke tonight... not happy! Have made delish shish-ka-bobs with chicken and veggies on the grill ~yum~!

Getting up more regularly early... walking semi-regularly... must get to sleep now.  Not sure when real posting will happen again...

Still very very grateful and thankful and feeling GREAT!  I'm so blessed.