Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 5 - Peeking at the Scale

I stepped on the scale this morning... I shouldn't get in this habit of checking daily, [1] because it is misleading, and [2] because my scale is about 10lbs different (less) than the MF Clinic scale. HOWEVER -- ! After yesterday's torment of food mishaps, and "giving in" to an extra shake... I had to see...

and it showed a noticeable down-ward trend. This feeling of relief and joy and WOW helps keep that forward momentum during this first week when my body is trying to figure out where all the food has gone...

A picture is worth a thousand words!!

I've now created a Weight Loss Chart with DATES on which to weigh myself. No more peeking!!

I've designated Wednesday as my personal weekly day to weigh -- the MF weigh-in dates will vary according to schedule, but will be some day every other week.  I have a phone call consultation on Monday the 10th, and I'll weigh here at home on Wednesday the 12th. I go up to the MF Clinic on Wednesday the 19th.

Tuesday the 11th will be one full week on plan. Very Exciting Times!!
* * *

Yesterday's Feelings were all over the place -- a friend asked if I was getting enough nutrients because I seemed to be not hearing her, and she was having to repeat everything... I think I was totally lost in my own thoughts about nothing that had anything to do with anything.

I was extremely annoyed at being so hungry all darn day... and on the food log I am completely honest with how I doctored the shake a little bit at 10:21pm when I fixed it...

At my friend's house, once I sat down to prep for the class (actually punching paper with a paper punch...), I calmed down and relaxed.  I hadn't realized I had been so uptight and tense... I felt a bit hyper, and the energy I have is amazing; though it feels more like mental energy right now, the physical energy is about the same.

By the time I headed home, I wasn't hungry so much, but still had to eat my L&G... after eating my beautiful Shrimp Salad, I was again - EXTREMELY HUNGRY... which just amped up my annoyance level. I bought some string cheese as an optional snack (light), and kept thinking of that in the fridge -- but resisted and was quite happy with the shake, by the time all was said and done.

Today I'll be busy with craft class (which I need to get moving on), and have to remember to pick up a project for work for Monday. I'm going to be looking for creative and tasty MF-safe ways to fix lean ground turkey, which I bought yesterday at Trader Joe's, and also for some Mahi Mahi I picked up. Escape from Obesity has some awesome looking recipes that appeal using zucchini and ground beef, and she's been able to be super creative with the non-meat options as choices too. After taste-testing, I'll share.
* * *
Oh Yes!! My chorus has set a challenge to Get Fit for our Regional Competition in Pasadena (April 8 - 10) by which we're 'walking to Pasadena and back' 3X, and if each member of the chorus loses 6lbs, we'll have lost 350 lbs by then.  6 lbs in 3 months seems do-able, yes? I forget the number of steps/miles to walk per week (less than 5, I think) -- I won't be able to join in that part for about 3 or 4 weeks (based on yesterday's experience of walking the dog in the morning and being so freakin' hungry all day....), but....

I'm SO excited that I'm going to throw off the Weight Loss Curve!!!!

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