Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 16 - It is Official... I'm down 22 lbs!

Can we say HAPPY DANCE?!? I mean... H A P P Y  D A N C E ! ! ! 

I went to the MF Clinic in Chandler today for my first in-person appointment after starting... and I've been witnessing my home scale going down -- but didn't want to share any numbers until I'd had THIS appointment today and now feel like I can share my starting weight and my loss.

Yes... I KNOW these results won't continue... ha -- and I'm pretty sure I must've been PMS'ing and retaining a ton of water, and -- 11 lbs a week would be tremendous, but so completely, ridiculously impossible... and I KNOW this, but I can't help but WANT... ah well -- as it is known, it didn't come on in 3 months, it certainly isn't going to be coming off that soon.  And I want to be able to learn the lessons along the way that will ultimately prevent me from walking down this particular road again.

Okay: On January 3rd, 2011 ~ I weighed in at the clinic at 338.2 lbs (ack!)
Today: January 19th, 2011 ~ I weighed in at the clinic at 316.2 lbs (Woot!)

My home scale: I started at 330 lbs and this morning weighed in at 312.8.

The scale at the chorus that I stepped on for the first time last night read 322.

The gals in the clinic (hello everyone :-) were so excited for me, and besides the fact that I'm of course Over The Moon about this result... I am excited to continue and finish this journey to the end.

I've cried twice today over the total awesome-ness that I'm feeling... that this is actually happening... that this will SUCCEED, and I'm not over-thinking it, or discouraged before I begin, or feeling completely overwhelmed.

I received a copy of my initial measurements, which I'll get on a page -- but I need to head to bed now. I'll update the weekend events in San Bernadino - it was one of the best, if not THE best Sweet Adeline educational event weekend I've had! I have pictures, too :-)

But for now, I'm off to dream land and will be dreaming of smaller pants!


Medifast said...

Carrie we are so proud of you and your success even in such a short period of time! Keep up the fabulous work!! PS we love your blog!

Desert Singer said...

:-) Thanks for the Love, Ladies ♥ !!
I ♥ ♥ Comments :-)

And thanks for your positivity and wonderful smiles!!

Kat said...

Wooooot! Fab result so far, hun!!!! Keep it going!

Desert Singer said...

Thanks Kat!! :D