Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 1 - Medifast

24 oz of water drunk before leaving the house...
Took the Medifast Vitamins

Breakfast (8:40am):
Blueberry Oatmeal
Method for Tastiness: put in coffee mug, pour a little extra water in... stir VERY well (I have a mini whisk that seems to do brilliantly). Heat 1:30 in microwave. Taste. UGH. (cardboard-chalk flavored with a hint of whatever it is that makes one go 'bleh bleh bleh' while ones tongue is trying to remove the offender...) Heat another 30 seconds. Take Shower, Get dressed, Dry hair (in other words, let sit for 20 minutes). Come back to oatmeal.... much thicker, much tastier, if a bit on the less-than-warm side... heat for another 30 seconds... drink on the way to work. YUM!! Quite satisfying, and looks like a lot in the regular sized coffee mug!  It takes me 10- 15 minutes to drive to work, and I was just finishing it as I pulled up to park.
Verdict on Blueberry Oatmeal: Will definitely have this as a regular choice.

Coffee in travel mug with 1/2 cup hot water (won't be putting milk or dairy in for awhile, and I can't stand strong coffee) and what seemed like 12 grains of Splenda.  Hit the spot all morning long.

1 piece sugarless gum (up to 3 pieces allowed per day as an optional snack)

Mid Morning Snack (10:30am): 
Peanut Butter Crunch bar
Tasty -- First Bite was delicious! Strong peanut butter flavor (a very good thing). Very small size... took my time and finished the last very small bite at noon (just before leaving work). Slight cardboard immediate aftertaste -- strong (for me) fake sweet taste all the way home...
  • note: I don't like fake sweet... which is weird since I drink Diet Coke and have for so long I barely taste the fakeness of it anymore... and The Real Thing is too sweet for me. I have a strong sweet tooth, but my body isn't fooled by fake sweet ~ too much of it and it turns me off.
Verdict on PB Crunch Bar -- will order again

Vegetable Beef Soup
I had read that soaking the soups is essential! So last night I poured the packet into a bowl, poured 1 cup of water in it and  set it in the fridge where it soaked until 12:30pm.  VERY pleased to see how much it had plumped up in this time frame.  I whisked it up really well with my mini-whisk then followed the heating directions on the box -- heat 2:30, stir; heat another minute, place plate or lid on for 3 minutes and let it sit, letting the steam finish it off. Tasted Good. Added 3 twists of pepper (I like pepper), one sprinkle of Mrs. Dash, and one sprinkle of Creole Seasoning (0g sugars) for just the slightest kick. EXCELLENT!
Ate the whole thing and was very pleased.
Starting burping (as in not good burping) within 10 minutes of eating. Slight Heartburn

In my initial interview yesterday they asked about food allergies and I said I react to some kind of preservative in processed foods... rashes mostly (serious rashes after mindlessly eating Ritz crackers, Pretzels, Safeway cookies, Triscuts, grocery store bakery items...) after over-eating. I know one food allergy reaction is burping -- will have to see how it goes.

Another 16 oz water done with lunch. Feeling hungry right now... need to go to Sunflower for my greens of the 'lean and green' then clean out the cupboard that will house the Medifast meals etc...

Chorus Tonight -- would like to wait on the snack, but thinking having some of my portion of my dinner now would be a good thing, or one of my optional snacks (the pickles are appealing to me right now...)
* * *
Will report on yesterday a little later -- my "1-hour" consultation turned into 2.5 hours... everyone was super nice! But there was a wee bit of surprise at the cost and commitment... it is fine, but sticker shock can be overwhelming, as can knowing this is a two year ride we're on.  But I'm READY!


Sueso said...

YOU CAN DO IT! I started last year at this time and I've lost over 100 lbs! At first it was hard and my girlfriend (coach) had to really talk me into ordering a second time...but I'M SO GLAD I DID! Eventually, I didn't have to doctor things up and found what I liked the most etc. It really was the easiest diet I've been on! I'm not into fad diets...have diabetes...but after a month or two my blood pressure was NORMAL and so was my blood glucose! UNBELIEVABLE! It's been 14 years since anything like that happened! So, hang in there and bless your heart...it's REALLY going to happen. Wait until those pounds start falling off..THAT'S the motivation! :o) Sue@Seaside Oregon

Desert Singer said...

Thanks so much for your encouragement!!

I see by your bloglist that you are a fan of Scotland...? I lived there for 5 1/2 years (hubby is Scottish) and brought him back with me and we celebrate our 13th anniversary this year.

I'm very excited having been reading up on MF for about 2 months, and finding all these incredibly inspiring stories of people who have lost amazing amounts of weight and are keeping it off ~ and sharing their struggles with the internet.

Thank you again for you lovely encouragement! I'm ready for the changes!! ♥