Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 50 -- Whoo Boy ! ! F I F T Y Days . . .

and in 50 days by my scale I've lost 38 lbs.  *Happy Dancin' Happin' RIGHT NOW Folks!!*

Today is much better than yesterday, the day before that, and the day before that.
I had eggs last night for dinner (two eggs + 1 Cup of Egg Beaters with some additional protein in the form of Cheese!) and it tasted a bit more normal than the icky tofu I had the other night... I didn't spice it all up, it was simple and delicious!
* * * * *

So ... a friend posted a Facebook Link on this NY Times article about how McDonald's "Healthy" option of Oatmeal is slightly less than a load of manure... makes me so sad.  Really, world, we should be back-lashing against the Golden Arches in so many ways.  Granted, while I lived out of the states Mickey D's French Fries were a golden and wonderful thing... but now I'm a converted 'Chip Shop Chips' are the BEST... so the famous french fries don't even do it for me anymore.

It just makes me sad that they're marketing it as a healthy option but yes, it has more sugar than a snickers bar... according to the article:
The aspect one cannot argue is nutrition: Incredibly, the McDonald’s product contains more sugar than a Snickers bar and only 10 fewer calories than a McDonald’s cheeseburger or Egg McMuffin. (Even without the brown sugar it has more calories than a McDonald’s hamburger.)

The bottom-line question is, “Why?” Why would McDonald’s, which appears every now and then to try to persuade us that it is adding “healthier” foods to its menu, take a venerable ingredient like oatmeal and turn it into expensive junk food? Why create a hideous concoction of 21 ingredients, many of them chemical and/or unnecessary? Why not try, for once, to keep it honest? 
 Here is the link to the McDonald's Nutrition Info for the Fruit & Maple Oatmeal (with diced apples and cranberry raisin blend but no cream). (270 calories; 2.5 g fat, 5 g protein, 150 mg sodium, 57 g carbs, 31 g sugars, 5 g fiber

Here is the link to the nutrition in a regular sized (2 oz) Snickers Bar. (271 calories, 13.6 g fat, 4.3 g protein, 150 mg sodium, 34.5 g carbs, 28.8 g sugars, 1.3 g fiber)

Here is a link to the 'Self' Nutrition site which I've linked to the Quaker Oats Instant 'Apples & Cinnamon' oatmeal... and even IT is better than McD's .

and Here is Quaker Oats quick cooking oats, Dry Nutrition Info ~ still high in carbs, but not sugar!

After looking at the numbers myself -- besides the fat that is so much more in the Snickers... it is about equal... and I am satisfied from a snickers for awhile, too -- it sticks with me. It is the 'better' option for a low-carb eating program, which just cracks me up.
* * * * *

I may have mentioned in a previous post how much I enjoy my morning MF oatmeal and would like to continue that tradition in the future. . . and I found a great site that gives a step by step process with a cost analysis as well. The site is "The Simple Dollar" and what a great website overall, let alone for this very in-depth step-by-step guide and overview to creating your own 'instant' oatmeal that truly is 'have it your way' and MUCH healthier than McD's!

I don't need the CoffeeMate or non-dairy anything (though as an occasional treat it might be a nice change, especially with the flavor options out there now)... I also thought trying Ovaltine with it might be interesting!

I think I have some Quaker Rolled Oats, and I know I have the other ingredients (cinnamon, stevia and/or Splenda) and I won't be adding any fruit for awhile, but I'm curious to try this as a future recipe for when I'm weaned off the MF foods! My goal would be to bulk up the protein probably with Flax seeds (lower carbs than Oat Bran).

The nutrition info for the Peach Oatmeal for MF is: (Serving Size is 34.1 g)
Calories: 110
Total Fat 1.5 g
Sodium 180 mg
total Carb 16 g
Dietary Fiber 5 g
Sugars 2 g
Protein 11 g
* * * * *

What else... I've been thinking about business and money... and am being quite introspective at the moment ~ creating the job of your dreams, etc... and thinking about my new focus starting on March 1st which will be going to bed earlier to get up at 5am EVERY MORNING in order to incorporate exercise into my routine.

My new favorite quote: The #1 Secret to being an adult is: "What you do every day is more important than what you do once in awhile." I got this from "The Happiness Project" Blog by Gretchen Rubin, author of the book, "The Happiness Project."

I've written it on two sticky notes - one for the bathroom mirror and one by my alarm clock by my bed. This next focus is going to be the hardest thing I've ever done, I think. I like sleep. I like the warm bed. I like feeling the rush of adrenaline when I'm pushed for time (late!). Did I say I like sleep...? Cuz yeah, I really like sleep. I don't like doing the things I'm getting up to do -- i.e., house chores - laundry, dishes, vacuuming, dusting, taking out the trash, etc... I don't particularly like exercising. I've been a night owl all my life and I LIKE IT THAT WAY -- but I have to be a grown up now, I guess. At least until I can make money at my passions and loves, which is what my new blog is going to be about (hey, that was subtle, eh?!) It is still a baby at the moment, but all will be revealed soon).

I need to change my mind, I know - simple, but not easy. To remember the reasons I LIKE to get up... see the sunrise (I love seeing the sunrise with a steaming cup of tea and hearing the birds twirping so very loudly in the morning... very nice!). ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....... [long pause]

what else do I like? I like having time to write a good blog post (this one is being done in the afternoon, when I should be doing other things). I like having time to review my goals and 'to do' list for the day/week. I like having time to pray and read the bible. I like having time to get the house chores OUT OF THE WAY so I can do the things I love (and hope to make money at) in the afternoons ~ guilt-free!

Ultimately, getting up earlier will result in having more energy (by putting exercise in my life) and being more productive in all areas of my life.  As Steve Pavlina has said, "Fire that person who says it is okay to go back to sleep in the morning!" ~ and tell myself if I'm super tired in the afternoon, I can always have a nap!

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