Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 38 & 39

After my last long post, I needed a break!

I've cleaned my house (well, tidied would be more accurate, let's not go crazy! ha!)

I've done laundry

I've done some music

I've done some putting away of the craft stuff

I've gone through stuff to put in the "donate" pile for my chorus rummage sale

I've stayed on plan!

I've not gained anything!

I've thought about the new craft/office/studio space that will soon have a full ceiling installed!

I've called a friend and arranged to meet for a warm beverage

I hung out with a great friend yesterday and we schemed and plotted all sorts of wonderful plans and things

I've written down what MF Meals I've made in the start of a Menu Rotation Plan

I still have to mail a package and take the tree down (ugh!) -- but when I take the tree down, I'll be ridding myself of decorations that I no longer want or need... maybe I can do that tonight while watching tv with himself.

Life is Good! And I'm so incredibly thankful for this gift of Medifast and the energy I feel... the beautiful weather in Southern Arizona (sunny and cold is my favorite time of year!) adds to my energy. 


Carol said...

Way to go Carrie!! This is an incredible journey you are on and WOW what a start! Keep up the good work! And I so love that technology has brought us closer again :-) From one of your many California friends - Carol

Desert Singer said...

Thanks Carol!! :D And thanks for taking time to leave a comment ♥. It is going to be an interesting year, for sure!! love you!