Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 40

I had a HUGE long list of things I wanted to get done... but I watched a lot of HGTV today, instead.

I cleaned out a drawer from one of the pieces of furniture we're going to donate to the Rummage Sale -- and I showered and met a good friend for tea this morning -- which was awesome catching up on her life and that the high drama that was there in November is gone! YAY! 

Have a quartet Valentine's Performance tomorrow... didn't look at any music today at all -- feeling quite Blah and icky, actually... *rolling eyes* -- it is a normal thing that happens at least once a month... IYKWIM (!) So tomorrow will be a little stressful... so I'm heading to bed.

On the plus side, my scale was down a pound :-)  and himself is making great progress on the room... very exciting to be thinking about how to arrange furniture, etc... for what will be the "Craft/Music/Get-away-from-the-constant-tv-noise/Office/ Possible Guest Room" Space!!

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