Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 37 ~ Whoopeeeeee!!

This morning was a gorgeous number on the scale!  Down 3 lbs... and I've not seen this number in a long... L.O.N.G time!!

A number of thoughts have occurred to me to write about... wonder if I can remember any of them now (*lol*)!

Some Keys to my success so far

Key: Getting in my 32 oz of water in the morning before 9am.  This keeps me pretty satisfied hunger-wise. I notice if I have a headache, or have some anxiety (aka stress), I chew gum to "chew-off" some of that excess energy. This gum thing has been a huge "A-Ha!" for me.

Key: Planning my dinner in the morning (in other words, in advance!).  Seems like the whole planning thing is a Duh(!) ~ and I've mentioned planning before... I have a couple 'go to' meals for when I can't be bothered planning my Lean & Green... (Mahi Mahi marinated in my favorite marinade and grilled on the GFG, with Spinach, Romaine & Broccoli or other raw veggie with Wishbone Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing, maybe some almonds, or Parmesan cheese, even a TB of real bacon bits if I'm feeling like I need some variety is one; Beef Zucchini Skillet Meal is another.)

Key: Blogging and tracking everything.  Much easier when MF does all the work for you! But tracking all condiments, SALT(!), fats... snacks... it all counts. Blogging helps me reflect on what is happening, because it is happening fast! To be able to look back and see how far I've come, what I've learned, how I've been feeling -- it all is helpful in learning more about myself and how I got to this 300+ pound place in the first place.

Key: Accountability. Leo Babuta is right.  Even though there aren't a lot of comments (*sad face here*), I know people are looking... and cheering... and reading... making their own judgements... and just knowing that I'm not just answering to myself is one of my personal motivations.  I tend not to keep my word to myself, but keeping my word to others is place much higher on my priority scale... though this is slowly (oh so very very slowly) changing.

Key: Keeping the food 'fresh' -- finding things I can do on MF with the MF Foods, MF-Friendly recipes; I'm putting together a resource of everything I've found that looks worth trying -- so far it is a 32 page document(!).

Key: Reading other weight loss blogs. Real People are Really Inspiring. Full Stop. Just knowing there are a lot of us out there trying to [1] Lose then [2] Maintain... we are excellent company!

Key: Focus. Blogging/Logging helps keep me focused. Knowing that this (MF Losing Weight Plan) is all I have to focus on for two months (as I'm following the philosophy), and 'getting into my groove and good habits' I think has been the most important thing.  Seeing my pants falling down around my ankles is the vision I keep in front of me all the time. *Big Grin!*

* * *

Lucerne Cottage Cheese has a 'no-salt' added option. Today I bought one container of that, and one of non-fat... taste-tested today and the no-salt one is quite vile, to be honest. I mixed the two together, which will still reduce the salt and fat of both of them, and hoping the taste will improve after they've had time to 'mingle.'

Will give a progress report later.
* * *

I took progress pictures today... 30 lbs gone! Will get those updated to the Progress Page as soon as this post is done.
* * *

Asked the question today of my MF Counselor regarding Vegan Mozarella cheese (made from Tofu)... Situation was this ~ Monday I was starving and had all my protein at lunch ~ so Portabella Pizzas it was, and instead of regular cheese (which is counted as a protein), I used the Tofu Cheese (which actually tastes pretty good, and as you see in the photo, melted pretty good under the broiler, too!), thinking that Tofu can can go either way as a "Lean" or a "Green."

Shirataki Noodles are considered by MF to be a "Green" -- but they are made from Tofu.
Tofu is considered a "Lean" (non-meat option) -- also made of Tofu.
In My World, I think if you have all your protein and want to use 2 TB of Tofu Cheese as part of your Green Meal, it should count as a Green ;-)
In MF World, it is counted as a Lean -- good reasoning behind it, actually -- counting as a Lean then still requires one to have the appropriate number of servings of Green, which has more fiber, needed nutrients etc...

That Being Said -- Shirataki Noodles should then be considered a Lean (for the sake of pure consistency).

Just my processing thoughts ;-)  It's all good... because if you're going to "go off plan" or "have too much of something" it is better to err on the side of Protein!!

You can see the Zucchini peeking out from under the cheese. I stir-friend the zuke in a flavor profile* to be spicier... so I'd maybe have a sensation of meat (I don't particularly like pepperoni).

*Flavor Profile = Perhaps a Bit Too Much Watching of the "Top Chef" I'd say, eh? *LOL*

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MARSIAL2010 said...

I just recently came across your blog and wanted to say hi! Looks like you've come a long way already toward good health and a lower weight. I'll be back to visit again, and then I'll go back and read your earlier posts.