Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day 44 ~ It Looks Like Rain in the Arizona Sky!

I'm sniffly and sneezy... so the garlic came out this morning -- along with extra Vitamin C and Echinacea!  Lots of water, and two more hours of sleep should help!

Feeling good ~ my scale showed down .2 lbs this morning!

This is just a quickie morning post, have to head off to work.  More to Come
* * * * *

Whew. I feel like I just walked off a cliff of discouragement and dismay.  I think I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with the fact that I seriously need another job ~ and the prospects are slim!

The job websites are all showing sales, retail, call center or "WORK FROM HOME!" - bleh.

So I started composing a letter to send to Senior Communities in the area to go and sing for them ~ which has brightened my spirits considerably.

Dang -- those feelings are dangerous... I've not had my Lean & Green yet, and I'm HUNGRY... but feeling all down and under keeps any kind of motivation far away -- and if I don't have a plan, I'll be Done For!  And today I didn't have a plan -- I have zukes, some kale, some romaine, some cottage cheese, some fat-free cheese, some scallions, some broccoli and cauliflower ~ so I can do stuff... plus a tin of diced tomatoes, some chicken broth (low sodium this time!), and all sorts of ideas... just nothing sounded good.

Himself's van's battery was dead after he fitted his super-spectacular new radio (his Christmas present), and going outside to hang out with it while it ran for 30 minutes after he got it started so he could go back and work... and the fact that I had talked about needing the van tomorrow to take stuff to the Rummage Sale, and how he's not done the things we talked about him doing so I could take the pieces to the Rummage Sale drop off tomorrow... I'm sure those feelings had something to do with how I was feeling.

And the fact I've not taken the tree down doesn't help me feel any better.

What good does it do to say anything? Nothing will change... he'll just be upset, which makes me upset, and I just don't have the emotional tools to really stand up for myself.  Well... I expressed myself, without placing blame, just expressing frustration -- and he's worked really hard all week, and the room is so close to being finished it is within spitting distance! :-)
* * * * *

I'm fixing the Shirataki Noodle Bake which I've modified quite a bit... going to take it out of the oven and take a picture and post it later... while cooking, it tasted delish!

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