Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 36 ~ Yesterday I was so hungry

It is weird how some days are super easy to stick with the limited food allowed on MF, and other days my body just wants so much more! 

Yesterday the morning started out hungry -- I usually am not that hungry immediately after waking up... though I've slacked a little on my two glasses of water and a hot cup of tea in the morning; mostly because I've been slacking going to bed before midnight and that leads to not waking up before 7:30 am, which leaves me little time for anything 'extra' in the morning... lick starting my blog post at 5:45 am, and leisurely doing morning dishes, making my cup of tea, drinking down the water leftover from the night before and another whole glass with my MF Vitamins.

The next problem is I was unprepared after work -- I had my MF Bar at 10:30 am (still so hungry!), but was feeling all out of sorts yesterday morning -- and ran an errand after work, and didn't get home until 1:30 or so -- had a pickle while I fixed my lunch -- and gnawed on the extra chicken (and it tasted soooo GOOD!!).

** a friend of mine just lost her husband of 14 years to a long, brave, hard-fought battle with cancer. They have two young children, and it has been 4 years of watching this family go through this.  Right now my 'battle' with food seems so much "less than." **

Here's to more days being less-led by my feelings, and more days led by the good habits I'm trying to create.

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