Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 83 -

Boo.... Cats lost in the Elite Eight to Connecticut.  But What A Great Season! Go U of A Wildcats!!
* * *

I'm up 4 pounds since last Wednesday.
I've been eating right.. on plan.
I don't think Girl Week is too imminent.
I'm drinking water.
I'm sleeping.
I'm really feeling frustrated and angry about it.
I know better than to feel frustrated and angry about it... but hey, feelings are just there.
So maybe I'll take a cue from Lyn at Escape, who also was feeling like the scale was playing with her head, and not weigh for awhile.
I go to MF Clinic on Wednesday...
In the meantime, I've still lost a bunch of weight.
I still feel great!
My trousers are baggy freshly washed, and life is good.
* * *


Diana Lynn said...

A friend who's lost 73 so far on MF has also hit a wall. 100% OP and hasn't lost a pound in 3 frustrating. She started slowing down back in December and just lost momentum, I guess. I got pretty sick 4 weeks ago, fell off the wagon and have had trouble getting back to 100%, but had lost almost 20 just before I started, so I'm at 54# down total. I'll be ok, I know. But have stayed at the same weight for 3 weeks now. I just keep telling myself that any other time, I would have fallen off, and given up and gained half of it back...and I've not gained anything back. So keep your chin up, stay OP and it'll come off :-)

TinaMcD said...

Keep thinking of those pounds you have lost and I'm in favor of not weighing daily. That is pure torture! Stay strong and know that your on the right track. How's the walking going? Keep it all up and increase the speed or length if you can.
Lots of love,