Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 67 - Kaleidescope

So many things going through my mind!

So I quickly just jotted down everything immediately on my mind -- and no, I may not get to all of it in today's post(!)

First Up:
I'm down another 2 lbs! I was down 2 lbs yesterday -- Woot Woot WOOT WOOT!!

I did the math, and I'm over 1/2-way to being Half-Way to Goal! This is quite exiting for me! I'm not great at fractions, but this is a quarter of the way there, no?

On my home scale, I've lost 44 lbs. * Medifast Scale last week was 43 lbs lost, so I'll be excited to go up this week and step on! The past week has been difficult (that is a huge understatement), but I decided I'd get back into doing the MF Shakes some more - I've not had shakes in probably 4 weeks -- just got tired of them. 

I've been snacking on high-protein 'real food' snacks - and have still been losing, but I really wanted to have lost 50 lbs by this next weigh in at the Clinic.  So... I'm back to the shakes, and this morning's Cappucino shake with Sugar Free Syrups (1 TB Caramel, 1 TB Chocolate), and 1/2 TB Ground Flax Seeds was absolutely delish.  When I got hungry at 11:30, I usually eat a bar for this time of day, but went for the Vanilla Pudding and did a shake instead - nothing extra in it, and it tasted pretty good.

I know the MF Message boards say taste buds change over time on the plan, and re-visiting foods after a few months is a good idea ~ I didn't think that would be the case with the shakes, necessarily - because I didn't find them awful.  I think I just got bored of them - and it is easier to open up a packet of Puffs or a Bar, than get the ice, the water, do the blending, rinse the blender - wash the cup etc... nothing like a little mini-goal to shake up the lazy tendencies
* * * 

So this week I got a haircut - it is amazing how much lighter I feel! I cut my hair really short in 2009-ish, and love it -- I love having long hair to play with and curl... but the desert heat is miserable enough having to wear clothes, extra hair just adds to the misery. Maybe when I've lost the extra padding I will be able to deal with the hair... but in the meantime - my short hair was long enough to pull up into a clip = Too Long!  I also bought a new, funky pair of sunglasses, which make me smile just looking at them. When himself takes the progress pix today, I'll put them on for one of the pictures :-)

So - between the haircut and new sunglasses ~ I feel happy in my skin! Oh yeah, and the minus 4 lbs is a wonderful addition to feeling great!!
* * *

Trying on Old Clothes ~ this morning after my shower, I wanted to clear some of the old clothes from my closet (first reason is because I need a few more hangers) -- not just old 'fat' clothes (which I'm mostly still wearing because they're not huge-o yet, or falling down to the floor...), but clothes that I've not worn in a long time for whatever reasons. When I was doing that, I found clothes that I haven't worn because while I loved them (color, style, etc...) I felt fat. Then there are the t-shirts that are X-Large, 3X-Large and 5X.

The X-Large I tried on and want to take have taken a progress picture of it now because it is really tight... it'll be another really cool way to show how much weight I'm losing when it is loose and baggy (oh the happy happy thought!). The 3X-large is also tight - a lot less so than the XL of course, but still not something I'll be wearing too soon. I like my clothes loose ~ never have been a tight-clothing wearer... ugh! Especially trousers... bleh.

The 5X looks great, only it is way too short ~ only way I'd wear it right now is with a shirt underneath in case I had to lift my arms. 'Cuz there ain't any reason to subject people who have done me no harm with a picture of my extremely white, round tummy. nope. it just wouldn't be fair. not gonna do it.

All that said about t-shirts ~ the progress picture to be posted today is one of my favorite shirts that I've not worn in ages -- it is yellow (I Yellow) and so therefore, shows the selection of baked items under the fabric... you know, what kind of roll do you want today ~ jelly roll is my specialty!  But while there are some rolls under there, it isn't anything like it was 44  lbs Ago!! So... I put on the bra that keeps the girls up, put on some makeup, my haircut's all cute and short, put on my Sparkly Every Day Earrings and put on my favorite yellow top... and himself took the picture! It will be up on the progress page as soon as I can get it all together when I finish this post.  And I even had him take one with my new fun sunglasses.

Yes, I still have a long way to go. Yes, I'm feeling GREAT about the progress I'm making so far. Yes, I'm so very thankful for my step-dad and mom (every day) for giving me this chance to prove to me that I CAN stick with something this important.

There are about 6 tops I'll be taking to give away - a pair of size 30 pants that were too big when I bought them and never ever wore them outside the dressing room.  The next project is to go through himself's t-shirts and toss 5. Same goes with the bottoms.
* * *

Well, that is plenty of news for today. I am feeling absolutely fabulous. The health issues himself is dealing with has been a wake up call in a fabulous way... we are really starting on the path to healthier eating - and making strides with increasing his water consumption, smaller portion sizes and really cutting out processed food. We are now waiting for an appointment to see the surgeon regarding Gallbladder surgery. He's had a complete physical, and goes in a couple weeks for a stress test. While I wouldn't have wished him this kind of pain, to be honest; his willingness to really go forth and be healthy has been an answer to prayer for me. He had to come to his own conclusion ~ and I believe God knew what it would take. The Nurse Practitioner who saw him Tuesday morning asked him if I was a nurse (!) because I'd been doing the right things for him, and advising him the right stuff. So I think he has more trust in me than perhaps before.

So again, I'm incredibly grateful for this turnaround -- and now he's marking his weight loss on the calendar with me, and we'll start taking some progress pictures of him, too :-)
* * *

I've got some chorus duties to do... tomorrow is another all-day coaching session with the awesome Patty Cobb Baker ~ and this time we get to meet Jeff Baker, her awesome amazing (so I've heard) husband.

Which reminds me - One More Thing.
* * *

I've decided that I'm going to wear my Sweet Adeline medals as much as I can - every day. Especially when I'm walking and exercising! Not only will they remind me of one of the biggest motivators for me to keep losing weight and becoming more fit; but they will maybe spark curiosity in people to ask about them, and it can be a way to help market/publicize the chorus and the craft of barbershop singing.

This is our First Place Mid-Size Medal (the Pink Ribbon), and the Second Place Overall Medal. 

We compete again in April in Pasadena, and if things go as usual, we'll probably get a top 3 placement. The thing is ~ you really never know... And I'm one to not want to jinx or assume anything!

Scottsdale Chorus, Harborlites Chorus, and San Diego Chorus are our Region's BIG CONTENDERS and one or two, and sometimes ALL THREE of them are all competing at the International Contest (which is how Tucson Desert Harmony got to compete at International in 2009 in Nashville - because all three were out of the contest in 2008 due to international wins and current competition status).

The smaller-mid-sized choruses in our region are all doing wonderful things in growing members and increasing vocal skills -- and our laurels are NOT big enough to rest on!

But I digress. I want to wear my medals, and have them always in my sight as a constant reminder of why I'm doing what I'm doing. Why I want to get up earlier to get my exercise in and over with! Why I want to make time every day to sing and increase my vocal skills. Why I want to listen to peppy music and sing with it on the elliptical! To be the best I can be with No Excuses!!


Tonya Nichols said...

I LOVE your medal idea. It doesn't hurt that they are pretty either! Now, WHERE do I go to see your progress pics??

Tonya Nichols said...

Wait! I found it. "Go, Yellow Shirts!" Now, for the record. The opening number dress is truly a morbid and cruel concoction. There isn't a SINGLE LIVING PERSON who looks good in that. Just sayin. You can only take responsibility for so much goofyness around here!