Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 71 ~ Habit Number 2 is Taking Awhile (!)

This morning was successful in getting up at 5:20(ish) - took me until 6am to get dressed (put on my exercise clothes) -- I did dishes and cleaned up a lot of the kitchen, took out some meat for dinner (still don't know what exactly I'm going to do with it... probably marinade and grill - in which case the marinade needs to be, like - now!),  made tea, drank water, made my MF Oatmeal, fed the dog... generally wandered around :-)

Then I took my tea outside after getting dressed and enjoyed a beautiful sky pre-sunrise... taking *at least* 10 minutes to just breathe, think about the day, things to do, being grateful ... generally not being in such a huge rush and letting things I didn't get done go ~ it helped!  The chores for today were taking out all the trash & recycling, and laundry. Neither of those things got done.  But I did take the dog for a walk for 20 minutes... we explored a new street this morning. I love looking at people's houses and yards ♥. 

Back at my house... I took to the side of the house the polar bear Christmas decoration that was broken and looking terrible.  Guilted!

Last night I made a 15-minute incremental log of how I spend my time - from 5am to 2am 9cuz that all fit on one page).  It took me over 3 hours last night dorking around with chorus videos and DVDs and trying to get a 15-minute video up from Saturday morning's coaching session took me well over an hour and a half... while waiting for the computer to do all its stuff -- I took the opportunity to create the time log (hmmmm.... wonder why?!)

Something I read awhile ago on some kind of productivity/follow your dreams type of post/blog I remember reading that keeping a tracking like this for a couple weeks (kinda like a food list, but for time) is a great way to really figure out where you 'lose time.' To look back and see how much time I'm taking on email, Facebook, Blogging (which is where I want/need to spend MORE time), doing chorus volunteer work -- and then the cooking, cleaning, sleeping, bathing, researching on the 'net for healthy eating ideas and exercise stuff, reading about frugal/simple living...

It kinda goes along with the whole heart change I had the other day -- in that really knowing what I want to do and accomplish will help me make better decisions when there is something I'm asked to do (volunteer-wise).

I love learning the tech-stuff, don't get me wrong -- but there are some other non-related things I really want to do too (make some cards for people who are having some health concerns, for one), and other promised commitments I've made that are more creative!
* * *

On the eating front - I was down a lb this morning -- but I've been playing with this pound for about 4 days, so until I get past it, I'm just plugging along! I don't think I'm going to hit the 50-lbs lost mark on Thursday (bummer!), but this only gives me more incentive to get out and move!

I've been better about staying on plan - drinking more shakes, and less on-plan overages.
* * *

Title of the post -- I've only managed to get up early about 5 or 6 days so far this month -- between himself's illness and staying up trying to figure out things he could eat, not getting my list of things 'to do' done, and then feeling a tickle of illness and the main reason: Not. Going. To. Bed. Early. Enough.  I was struggling.

Last night I went to bed at 9:40 pm and was sleeping 3 songs into the ipod.

I think wearing my medals every day is helping remind me why I'm doing it.  Geek that I am :-)

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