Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 60 ~ Really, it is!

Another pound down this morning.

I ate breakfast at 10 minutes to 6am, and this will change my whole day's schedule of eating.

Need to grocery shop in a big way... only turnips and a couple green onions left, oh, and a bag 'o lettuce that himself got at the grocery store a couple days ago.
* * * * *

Someone said to me (after reading some of this blog) that I seem to be hungry all the time. I have a couple thoughts on this... first, that I've been overeating for so long that my "full," "satisfied" and "hungry" meters are out of whack.

My Old "Hunger/Full" Meter and what I think it really meant.
Stuffed = "Happy"
Overfull = Satisfied
Full = Could eat some more
Satisfied = want more of the good stuff!
Almost Hungry = Bored and need to distract myself
Nibbly = Bored or Avoiding something
Moderately Hungry = How long has it been since I ate?
Quite Hungry = Haven't had any snacks, no food in site
"Starvin' Marvin" = So involved in something I forgot the time, headache-y
Past Hungry = Stomach Growling
Old Habits Are So Hard To Break! In the little chart above, the bold word on the left was the physical feeling, most of the time (Nibbly is the exception, rarely was I hungry if I was nibbly)... Past Hungry was having ignored hunger and let it pass after 15 minutes, and it goes away and then comes around again in shorter and shorter increments.  If I was that involved in something, obviously it annoyed me greatly to have to stop and eat!

My other thought: Wanting More Food isn't a sign of being actually hungry.  My head is so incredibly over-involved in what should be a stomach/body-only area!! And mind over matter is a truth for me. By that I mean that the power of our minds isn't known, and to change one's mind is the key to everything. Simple, but so NOT EASY! I think I may be saying I'm hungry, when in actuality I'm feeling the lack of being stuffed. I'm quite satisfied physically, but I still WANT MORE. It is a heart issue, a brain game... and a very hard habit to break.

Staying focused and resisting foods that are off-plan and off-limits for the time being is my habit, and right now I have to be steadfast in my commitment.  Shoot, it isn't just for Right Now -- staying focused and steadfast in eating moderately for FUEL and nothing else is for a lifetime.
* * * * *

We're getting Air Conditioning next week!  Whoooo-HOOOOOOOO!

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