Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 74 ~ 48.8 pounds down!

Medifast Clinic visit on Wednesday showed a total loss of 48.8 lbs down total; 5-point-something down in the last two weeks.

Almost hit the 50 lb mark... will definitely see a 50+ loss by March 30th!

The moon is huge and beautiful tonight.

I spent the evening with some favorite ladies scrapbooking -- I actually haven't worked on a scrapbook in a long long time, and really enjoyed it.  I took a salad of grilled tofu, spinach, broccoli and the Flax Seed Oil dressing, and it was yum! I fixed a chocolate pudding shake to have with me, and still have another meal to do today.  I'm thinking another shake is sounding good -- or maybe try the Peanut Butter soft serve ice cream...

This is a packed-event weekend -- tomorrow the chorus has a performance downtown at noon; I'm going with a friend to the Scrap and Stamp Expo - and then going to St. Patrick's Weekend party... Sunday is quartet rehearsal, and solo performance (job/work) for the seniors.  This morning I took my car in to be serviced; and then dropped off a couple small bags of donation stuff at Goodwill.

Getting things from my house to the actual place of donation is a Big. Fat. Hairy. Deal.  It often rides around in my car for months!! I only had these things in the back of the car for a couple weeks, so I'm very proud of myself :-)

I got up too late -- it was a restless night last night... and I napped for about an hour and a half around 2pm.  It has been a productive day -- I started chicken marinating, and did dishes and loaded and unloaded the dishwasher... now it is time for bed.

My pants are getting really close to not staying up... it is VERY EXCITING!!!

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