Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 58 ~ Down 43 lbs and 42 inches!!

Just another quickie this morning... still trying to iron out the wrinkles in my morning routine... I went to bed at 10:15 pm last night, and woke up on my own at 5am... tried to wait until 6, but nope... which I think is a GREAT thing! So up at 5:15 -- was vacuuming most of the house and done by 6:45 am - walking the dog by 7:15 am, looking at the grocery ads and cutting a few coupons while eating my oatmeal (this is a huge change for when I eat breakfast, and I know I need to eat something within 30 minutes of waking up... but it makes for a LONG day with LONG periods of time in between meals!!).  Gonna hop in the shower by 8:15 - have a dentist appointment for teeth cleaning at 9am -- and a voice student coming over this afternoon -- so have a lot to move/clear from my room before that happens.
* * * * *

Had my body scan yesterday at Medifast -- will scan and post this week on the progress page!  Tomorrow is picture day ... my trousers still aren't falling down, but they're getting SO much closer!  I have friends who are offering me their smaller size clothes -- YAY! and I have a few favorite things that I kept to wear "when I lost weight" and so I'm thrilled that I may be wearing them in a couple months.

wow. 7 lbs away from 50lbs.  I'm really hoping to be 50 lbs down by next MF appointment (March 17). I'm kind of in my routine of what foods I like ~ and the shakes aren't my favorite... BUT I think drinking down my stock of shakes will help me reach that goal this week. Plus the starting of the healthy movement (as FlyLady refers to it!). 

I don't like to sweat. I don't like to huff and puff. I don't enjoy looking like a giant reddish purple *I don't know what to call it* which is what I look like when I exercise. I don't like exercising with other people. I don't like talking when I'm walking, I prefer to listen to music or audio download or be alone with my thoughts.

I like being up early and seeing the sunrise. I like walking the dog and just paying attention to him while we're out. I love how I feel when I'm done.
* * * * *

I met with a college buddy yesterday for a couple hours before my MF appointment. She knows who she is, but I'm going to call her "B." She's 5 foot nuthin' and incredibly determined and focused and committed to things once she has made a decision.  Last March we had a talk about losing weight and fitness, and she (who did not appear fat to me) has lost 60 lbs (and I asked her where she was hiding it... because I didn't think she had that much to lose) but even more impressive is her 18% Body Fat (BF)! If I remember correctly, she started out at over 50% BF, and she started working out in June - 5 days a week for an hour.... always some cardio (mostly Zumba now, if I'm remembering right), and weight training every other day.

She's a single mom, raising two daughters who aren't yet teenagers - works a full time job and they got a puppy within the last year.

I'm inspired (I usually am after a conversation with her), and hopeful...  and she was sharing that at the beginning of her working out, she just saw the goal as so incredibly distant and far away and unreachable -- and now, on the other side, she's still amazed she's where she is. The veil has been taken away and she's living more life -- colors are brighter, and life is to be EXPERIENCED and LIVED, not just observed.

From my perspective of her (since knowing her in college) - she's ALWAYS been one who DID THINGS and lived life... very active, willing to work hard, etc... and it is amazing to watch her joyfully discovering a part of her that has been dormant for such a long time.
* * * * *

Thanks so everyone who is sending me positive thoughts, prayers, energy and love. I can FEEL IT!

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