Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy Boxing Day

It isn't that I haven't thought about blogging... I just have been preoccupied with other things... chorus was busy over the Christmas Season, I was catching up with chorus commitments I'd neglected, lots of little meetings and quite a bit of social time, too :-).  My new quartet auditioned for the chorus (music team) and passed -- in order to be an official quartet of my chorus -- and therefore we can represent proudly Sweet Adelines around the community, and then December absolutely sped by!!

As this blog is meant to be about the journey of weight loss, fitness and self-improvement in general ~ the big thing on my mind has been the offer made by my step-dad in November to pay for the Medifast Weight Loss Program for me.

Before talking more about Medifast and what that means, I needed to speak to him and mom about expectations and how it would work between us.  They have heard lots of ads on the radio station they listen to in their area; about how it is supervised by medical professionals (since I have not heard the ad myself, I don't know if the ad says doctors...) and when you do the program you have nutritional counselors and you check in once a week. So, in conversation with step-dad and mom, I told him when I'm having a hard time, I'm going to call him and rant/rage about it, and he can be one of my support people... and we agreed to see what progress I've made in 3 months.  I told him I want to lose 150 lbs, and is he in for paying for it until that point? He said yes.  Knowing the history of my family, I want to put something in writing or email stating as much, in order to avoid misunderstandings and hurt feelings and to also hold me as accountable as possible on my end of the bargain - which is to  l.o.s.e.  t.h.e.  w.e.i.g.h.t.  full stop. The End.

I found out that the Medifast website is something sort of different than the centers... it looks like you can do the program by ordering food and webtools, and the website doesn't seem to say anything about how the centers are run differently. Weight Watchers has the same thing, and I sucked at that website only thing. I know I need the one-on-one accountability.

I called the center that seemed to have the most convenient hours and closest location to me from where I'll be driving from... and the gal I spoke to said that I wouldn't be going through the website at all-- that I go to the center once a week (and that is an additional $8 a week), though I probably will be doing a phone check in once every other week, since driving up weekly is a little unrealistic with my schedule and budget.  She said that the average website-only user sticks with the program only 5 weeks; that the centers have a higher success rate.

I know from my 25-lb weight loss experience back in the summer of 1988 with Diet Center and DAILY weigh-ins, I did really well with that outside accountability. (Examining why I can't keep a commitment to myself will be part of my emotional journey this year, I'm sure)

So, I made an appointment to go back up there on December 30th in the will meet me there. There will be an hour spent with me by a Nutritional Counselor (will be interested to see what exactly that means) finding out more about me and which program of theirs would work best. The gal on the phone said I'd be sent for blood tests etc... and I'm sure a weigh in.  I pick up my food from the center, and pay them there -- which is one main reason why mom is coming along.  I plan to begin on Tuesday, January 4th, 2011.  Starting a diet on a Sunday or Monday just basically sucks on all levels emotionally.  I'm excited about it, and am very eager to meet with the person at the center to find out even more information.

In the meantime, I went and bought some elastic bands to work out with -- I want to be able to travel with them and they are light... and a jump rope. I have a tai chi DVD that I've not watched yet, a walking DVD that I want to also do, and I have an Oxycise DVD that I want to put in and take a look at too. Tomorrow morning I'll start walking the dog in the mornings again, and get back to getting up at a regular time despite the time I went to bed... and I need to restrict my television to one day a week.  I never watched this much television before I got married, and 12+ years of bad bad habits need to be reversed.

2010 has been the year of epiphanies; 2011 needs to be the year of follow through.

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