Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Feeling Groovy

Not really.

I'm in a mood. Fell asleep on the couch after eating cheese and crackers, which I shared with himself, and when he went to make dinner he didn't even offer to share what he was preparing. I didn't make it known that I wanted some, and no mind-reading going on in this house... and he's been working hard all day... and I still have dishes in the sink and haven't done much today in the way of house chores. And I know I'd feel better if I did something in the house.

But in my mind he should have offered. And the fact that he didn't upsets me. But will I do anything about it? Will saying anything do any good? Do I need to bring it up, because it'll only make him angry and won't change anything, and somehow I'll end up feeling bad (worse).

Not really hungry, but angry. No real reason to be angry, but it is a feeling I'm feeling and instead of eating, I think I'll go for a short, brisk, cold walk with Rascal, KOTH (King of the House), then put on comfy clothes and do some kitchen work.

Tomorrow I drive to Medifast Clinic for the initial appointment, which makes me feel better already.

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