Thursday, December 30, 2010


Hard as it is to believe, I had to postpone my Medifast Initial Consultation that was to be today at 4:30pm because of the weather. In Arizona! Which is known for the fabulous winter weather. Today, tonight and tomorrow are all due for hard freezing, and roads have been closed up in Northern Arizona, and while the sun is shining in Southeastern Arizona... the drive back would be later and colder and more dangerous.

Luckily, I was able to arrange to work earlier hours on Monday, and can make an appointment in the early afternoon... which will keep me on schedule for starting the program on Tuesday, January 4th!

*  *  *
20 years ago this month I graduated from Pepperdine University. I had an absolutely amazing college experience; I really really did. I still owe many dollars because of it, and I ponder often where I'd be financially without all the student loan debt. I would not have had some amazing experiences had I gone to a less expensive institution, and so I can't really be objective... Argh! What am trying to say?!

Not that long ago, I used to resent the debt and how (in hindsight I was feeling like) I'd had no real say in where I ended up for college. But, I think I've let that feeling of powerlessness go - and have accepted (like a real grown-up, I think!) my choice as my choice, no blame - and to absolutely be thankful and loving toward everything about that time of life.

Yay! This is kinda a big a-ha realization for me... Woot!! Always nice to let go of negative stuff.

*  *  *
In other news... my employers like me so much they gave me a $2 an hour raise... I don't work that many hours in a week, and it only gives me an additional $52 (pre-tax) extra per month... But Hey! It is a huge raise after only 6-1/2 months, and if I do end up having to move on to obtain a real full-time job, it is a nice percentage of my wage and will look good to possible future employers!

Since I'm going to beginning a new phase of eating and lifestyle -- which some might consider stressful (ya think?!!) ... maybe I can stay for another two months before really having to knuckle down and search for a higher-paying job... in the meantime, perhaps I'll market the singing for senior living facilities thing a bit more strenuously ♪ ♫ ♪ ....

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