Friday, November 12, 2010

First Mini Goal

My birthday falls on Thanksgiving Day this year.  It happens every so often; and I love it. I love Autumn; I love that everyone gathers to celebrate my birthday *hee hee* -- I know that isn't the real reason, but it feels like it; so I soak it in! 

Yesterday was Veteran's Day - (nod of huge thanks and appreciation to all who have served; and all who have had those who served in their family for the American Flag and all it stands for) - and two weeks exactly before I turn 43. I thought... two weeks to lose 8-10 lbs would be a good start to this journey. (From Weight Watchers experience, I know my first 5-7lbs lost during the first week when following any eating plan isn't necessarily a true reflection of weight loss; but it has happened every time before, so I'm hoping it'll happen again this time!)

And my excuses are slowly falling away... excuses such as:
  • I need new, better, excellent walking shoes
Thanks to my wonderful hubby, himself; I bought some brand new Skechers -- which I've never worn before. They Rock! Literally and yes, the other way too!! Stood on the chorus risers Tuesday night with much less back and knee pain than normal athletic shoes! Only my ZCoils do better!
  • It is too hot, and too early!!
I froze last night going to bed; the temp in my house right now is 61F... Perfect Weather for walking! Plus, my good friend P calls me in the morning and we're holding each other accountable in walking each day. I don't want to be asleep or still in bed when she rings, so it helps knowing the phone will ring sometime between 6am and 7am.
  • I don't have a good Pedometer
Himself bought me a great pedometer a few years ago, and I asked him to replace the battery so it would work again. Done!
  • I Am Afraid. (See this post from another blog of mine)
I have my "walking bag" now - carries the pepper spray, tissues, a flashlight, and water when the weather heats up. It is the place to keep the dog's leash, my sunglasses & the afore-mentioned pedometer. It has taken 3 years to get back out to walk the dog by myself.

Two weeks of walking and counting points (on my own, not going to WW meetings or online stuff... just tracking what I'm eating)... I can do that. It doesn't overwhelm me. It isn't an unforseeable goal in the distant future. I'm an instant gratification girl... I need short goals and rewards, with a map of the entire journey in a drawer that I can pull out anytime to be sure I'm on track.  Because ... knowing where I'm going is a better way to ensure arriving at my planned destination.  Reward for losing the two week goal? Let me get back to you.

Lyn, over at Escape from Obesity posted yesterday that New Year's Day is 50 days away. Where will you be? Not a physical location, but a mental state. And if you're planning to lose weight, or get fit, or whatever the goal may be... why wait? As Gandi said, "The future depends on what we do in the present."

My First Major Goal: To Lose between 35 and 40 lbs before April 7, 2011.
4 months + 25 days
145 Days = 20 weeks

To me this goal is too far in the future... so much time, so much work... every. single. day. And such a little reward (only - maybe - 35 lbs?!?) -- this is when visualizing that a pound of butter is a lot of fat, and 5 pounds of anything weighs a considerable amount... and my loaded up backpack (10 - 12 lbs) is still even more... so it *is* a big deal - and a big accomplishment. When I get there.

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