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First, A Comment: The blank page that is *really really* blank when you click on 'new blog post'  here at -- it is very intimidating.  I am reading a book (A Woman Called, by Sara Barton) and she says she's never been intimidated by a blank page of paper on which she is supposed to write. If only it were true for me.
End Comment.
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Instead of Full sentences and thoughts, and guilty apologies for not posting in, like, forever... here's why the title of this post is what it is... in short, fragmented bits and pieces about things that pass through my mind.
* * *

Google is getting rid of iGoogle as of November of this year... here's the links I have on that page:
Seth's Blog
Amber Keinath (Inspiring a Healthy Life YOU Love!)
GardenMandy (Organic Living, Gardening, Health and Environmental Issues Daily
The World's Healthiest Foods - Excellent site with a 'food of the week' feature (recipes, nutrition... good stuff!)
Frugal Cooking
Cheap Healthy Good (Cheap Healthy Good is a blog dedicated to the advancement of frugal, nutritious, ethically-minded food in everyday life. All of our recipes, links, and articles go back to that main subject matter.)
The Simple Dollar
Thrifty Fun  - A community of creative people and everyday experts who look for inexpensive solutions to everyday problems and share tips and ideas for crafting, creative recycling, gardening, frugal living, recipes, tips, and more.
The Survivalist Blog - Because I have doomsday-survivor-prepper tendencies. But I'm working on it. 2 Timothy 1:7
Passive Aggressive - because it is so funny!
blipfoto - would be great if I kept up with it!
Surviving The Stores - a coupon/good deals site
Organizing Junkie - I aspire....
Cut Out And Keep - Make & Share Step-by-Step Craft Tutorials
The Herb Gardener - self explanatory, no?
Stever Robbins - "You can't manage *time*, but you can manage yourself (your decisions). Make as progress as possible. Select only things that will give you the most actual forward movement, the most results for your time spent."
Stever Robbins' - Get It Done Guy (Quick & Dirty Tips Helping You Do Things Better)
The Happiness Project - Gretchen Rubin. Love this site!
Live Bold & Bloom - ... Personal Growth for Passionate Living
Zenhabits - Leo Babauta
Dr. Joel Fuhrman - Disease Proof, Health & Nutrition News & Community
BBC News

* * *
How do I keep track of/keep up with:
Goodreads (like this book/book review site)
Google+ (brand new to this FB competitor, but looks promising)
twitter - yes, I'm tweeting now... not sure what I'm doing, however.
tumblr (not sure what I'm doing here yet)
Consumer Reports (I'm a member yet forget to check what is new regularly!)
Disqus - haven't figured it all out yet - but apparently a comments for blogs program. - they say it is simple, but I think they are lying.
itunes - stop changing the interface, please *whimper whimper* - too much fun to be had!
sparkpeople - so much information!
Yelp - love this review site, don't use it enough.

Honestly, the answer I know is: stop trying. Find a few things and stick to them. One photo sharing site. One Fitness and Health site, maybe three. One, maybe two online hangouts. (but but but... see brief random thoughts below on career)

* * *
Blogging. Keeping up with the amazing stories of people all over the world and what they do and why they do it and how funny they can be while telling their stories (Drazil...!) - talking about health, fitness, doing life, and simplifying, and minimalizing, and struggling, and and and.... *whew!*

RSS - yes, it has been around for awhile, and supposedly makes online life easier... I need more information on how to use it, and am still trying to figure it out. Google reader is apparently going away too, but I just found out that Firefox has one built into the browser. Woot! Now to make it work for me!

* * *
Then there's Audible, from Amazon -- for a fee you get a free (audible) book a month - and a significant discount (I think) on other audible books. So Very Tempted... since I have a lot of books that I don't seem to get around to reading.  Maybe in the back of my mind I think I'll just absorb the goodness of the book because it is my house and I look at it with much guilt from not reading it on an almost daily basis.

And that many books won't fit in my tiny house.
* * *
Are Dying.
Around the World.

Since 2005, an outbreak of what scientists call “Colony Collapse Disorder” has been rapidly killing off 30% of the global population of honey bees each year. The fact that this stunning decline of the honey bee population over the last decade increased to nearly 50% in the U.S. last year has many observers alarmed, according to the report (although honey bees are not currently an endangered species).
Some public officials, scientists, and bee keepers are now stepping up efforts to place the blame on a growing class of GMO insecticides, known as neonicotinoids. These nicotine-based insecticides can kill honey bees by infecting their brains with toxins.
Today, over 100 agricultural crops are pollinated by honey bees in the United States, which is worth over $10 billion. Over 80% all of flowering plant species require pollination to survive.
Experts are concerned that if this trend does not stop, the effects to both the economy and global food security could be devastating.

This is almost an hour long documentary by the BBC ~ "Who Killed The Honeybee?"

This might be a cause I can be an activist for (though I run screaming like a maniac when a bee comes close to me... lol!).

* * *
Eating. Fitness. Well-being.
More later. Tired of fighting. Have gained 50 lbs back.
Totally. Completely. Sucks.

* * *
Living Jesus - by Randy Harris (Living the Sermon on the Mount). Wow. Just Wow.

I need to be a part of my community of believers. I love my tradition, with its call for unity that divides us... and the gifts I've been given that I don't know how to share and use to show love. Which means I will be getting my butt back in church. 

At Pepperdine Lectureships all last week, and Patrick Mead (thoughtful answers to Questions of Faith) said something like this... (paraphrased)
"Being a member of [my tradition] is like being Mrs. Noah. You're on a big boat, full of stinky animals and only a few people to talk to, no view to speak of... but really, where else are you going to go?"  I still laugh at that.

Patrick Mead. I'm a groupie. He is a smart guy with a lot a lot of insight, a wonderful Scottish accent, and some dry, wry, spot-on humour. Love.
* * *
Career. Social Media/Marketing/PR. I love it.

Two years on May 9th at my current job. Seriously, I haven't had a job for two years in a very long time. Yay Me!
* * *
Hoping it won't be another month before I post again.

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