Saturday, January 26, 2013

Stamps to Give Away are Given!

It took me a couple weeks to get the stamps to my car and to the folks at work I thought would appreciate them... We had a super cold snap for like, 4 or 5 days, and I didn't want to leave them in the car overnight, so they sat inside longer than I wanted them to.  But now, finally, that space on the table is CLEAR!
I also cut my left index finger with super sharp pair of scissors - a week ago... it wouldn't stop bleeding... I refused, *Re-Fused!* to go to the emergency/urgent care for a scissors cut! The time and the money -- pthlfphth! After two days the blood finally stopped (it wasn't gushing), and I took off the band-aids I think this past Monday.  So I wasn't typing much!

I have to remember this is a process... and not beat myself up if it takes longer.  I remind myself that when we do home improvement projects it always always takes at least twice as long as you intend it to, and often costs a lot more than you budgeted for, as well.
* * *

Some Not-So-Good News...
I weighed this morning (first time this month, actually... it has been a really really bad month, eating-wise) and tipped the scales at 275.8.  I was on MediFast Plan yesterday and got a lot of sleep, so this is an accurate number.


I got my haircut yesterday, it has been 9 weeks since my last cut - when I noticed the chair was much tighter on my hips than it had been for a long time.... yesterday I was wedged in.  Between that and my clothes not fitting the way I like them to, and the knee pain that has returned as a regular thing, and the back pain... time to finish up my MF foods and lose between 25 and 30 lbs in the next two months.  I've done it before, I can do it again.

No Sugar. No Wheat. Full Stop.
* * *

Today is more "Going through things and throwing, filing, or giving away" - I have coffee, Nag Champa incense burning, it is raining off and on (Yay!), MF oatmeal and soups soaking, and in a few moments will have some tunes playing.

Now that the table has some clear space, I will have room to put some of the things I want to keep (Music... Music Education... Healthy Eating stuff... Inspirational articles etc...), so I can create some kind of permanent place for them, rather than the piles and piles on my desk.

I have a box of stamps for my niece and my friend... it would be GREAT if I could actually get to a mailing outlet today -- and take the box of 'donate' things away to be donated.  And make a trip to the storage room to exchange some things. Take things that are just sitting here to be given back to the original owner to storage, and bring back some of the music stuff.
* * *

Tomorrow there are two baby showers... I'm going to try and get to one of them. I'd like to not go empty-handed....

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