Saturday, December 22, 2012

Really... the whole month of November... lost?!

I'm in the middle of starting to reply to an awesome (inspiring) post from Live Your Legend (Scott Dinsmore), whom I discovered from Live Bold & Bloom...

To leave comments it asks for your website... I've posted at Capriccio the past couple days, but not here (yeah, who knew I had a second blog for posting not-a-lot lately... huh?!)... I always have to look up my link, so I open the blog I've posted the most often in.. this one... Walk, Breathe, Sing, Laugh & Repeat and am so embarrassed that I've said "I'm gonna do _________ [fill in the blank]...!!" so many times and nope. nothing has changed.

Why? I'm not sure... it is just one of the many things that are "To Do" and "Not Done."

I'm sitting in the middle of a paper hell --
  • Receipts that need to be filed or thrown away.
  • Music that needs to be entered into my music program (Noteworthy Composer) and then filed.
  • Christmas cards that I want to acknowledge.
  • Concert Programs that I've already scanned (thinking I could add them into itunes for 'Album Art' for a local concert I attended of which I have a music CD)... now debating on where it should go (am I going to continue scrapbooking?)
  • Insurance and Investment mail from my work.
  • Words to my sing-a-long show from the Senior Living Complex that I performed at in November (a missing sheet that probably should be thrown away or recycled).
  • sticky note pads
  • non-sticky scratch pads
  • journals... two that I can see, probably at least 3 on the desk.
  • Mail from the IRS probably related to the worker's comp stuff I have procrastinated about.
  • Yeast-free pizza crust recipes I want to try
  • Drafts of the show program I put together for the Tucson Desert Harmony Annual Show "Cool Composers & Holiday Warmth" on December 1st. Drafts. Garbage bin, anyone?
  • Receipts. Oh, I mentioned those... but seriously, there are a lot.
  • Ticket stubs
  • Chorus roster
  • Inspirational thoughts about life "Life's A Puzzle Literally." -- really cool thoughts on how we do or don't fit with others, with graphics.
And the non-paper items:
  • Digital Voice Recorder
  • Pictures
  • A magnificently cute bracelet that is adorable but doesn't fit my wrist... I know where it should go, just haven't put it there yet, thinking, 'this time I'll be different and actually DO something with it so I can wear this adorable thing!"
  • CDs that need to be named in itunes - I've uploaded them but haven't put the "Get Info" in there yet.
  • Change that needs to be put in the change jar.
  • White Out tape runner not put away.
  • Timer (not quite dusty, but certainly not used often enough)
  • Water bottle (I was going to be at the gym at 7am this morning, it is now 11:48)
  • Squishy Toy
  • Nail polish
  • a book called "This Year I Will..." by M. J. Jyan
  • another book, "ipod Fully Loaded ~ If You've Got It, You Can ipod It" by Andy Ihnatko

The funniest thing about why I've posted today... the comment I want to write regarding the awesome article on the LYL (Live Your Legend) blog is about focus, and needing it before you can do the amazing things he writes about in this fabulous article.

Really. (If you're reading between the lines... you're understanding the definition of insanity right now ... about how doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result is just crazy.)

I told myself I could buy his plan if I get to the gym today.

I'm dressed. I have my ipod synched, my water bottle filled, my gym bag packed. And the article (again from Scott...) that inspired me that 'Yes, Really!! I need to get to the gym' is the one about the one thing that these successful "Live Your Legend" types do...  they work out.

Like that is new.

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