Thursday, October 4, 2012

25 lbs

I've gained 25 pounds since my 100 pound weight loss that I accomplished on my birthday last year.

I'm now re-committed to lost 25 lbs between now and the end of November.

No Halloween Candy (it is what helped me off the no-sugar wagon a year ago).

Two days on the treadmill this week (haven't walked since June).

Tracking my food.

Pretty good day today - not perfect, but not the serious sugar-fest I've been having recently.

Gonna do a 5K November 3rd... helps keep me on the treadmill.

I think I finally understand that not everything I want to do can be done at the same time... priority is an actual fact that I have to accept... some things HAVE to be made a priority (food, fitness, time to prepare the food, cleaning the kitchen so I have space to prepare the food... you get the idea).

Fitness, Food & Singing.

That's all I have time for now.

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