Friday, February 10, 2012

Bling ~ A La the Gem Show (Yeah Baby!)

First let me say that I'm *so* glad I didn't bring in my debit card.  I took ca$h only (something I rarely do) and am so completely satisfied with my purchases... *WITHOUT* having done major damage to my pocketbook.

I bought a dozen different colored fabric necklace whatchamacallits, some black plastic/leather necklace things and a few pendants on which to put on them... two black/silver/white/blingy bracelets, a matching pendant and earrings, and matching earrings and ring.  Oh, and a really cute beaded hot-pink velvet bag.

Here's my treasures...

I was taking a picture of my right hand, which meant I was holding the camera with my left hand and trying to not drop the camera, or shake the camera.... so while I'm not particularly enamored by my pudgy alabaster wrinkly finger(s) -- I do LURVE the purple stone... and have earrings to match!
* * *

Had lunch with one of my most favorite people in the world today at one of my most favorite restaurants... took my car in early for servicing... and spent less than $50 in Staples. I could spend hundreds of dollars in stationary/office supply stores... Yessirree Bob... so I was quite proud I got out of there for less than $50!!

Getting ready to go to Big Box store to look at technical gadgetry -- himself wants a phone charging alarm clock thing-a-ma-bob... and I want to touch and feel video cameras to see which ones I want to buy.

Apparently my normal camera can do video - but I can't plug it in -- and imagine it eats the batteries up in a big way -- so think I want a simple bloggie or flip or something in that vein.
* * *

I did see a new-to-me number of my scale earlier this week -- but then succumbed to temptation ~ Butterfinger hearts - bite-sized butterfingers that I bought for work people - which haven't been equally distributed amongst them (!) -- and a few Dove dark chocolate hearts... and I've eaten way too much salt and caffeine this week.

I DID, however, walk on Thursday am - and with the cold weather (cold for us desert rats) and my being sick for a week, I haven't been out for awhile - so it was painfully difficult to get up and STAY UP that early, but it was a great walk!  Miss it when I don't do it-- so am resolved [again] to get up early as a habit. 

I got an app that tells you your sleep cycle -- when the best time is to get up depending on what time you go to bed -- and that helps me figure out what time to set the alarm to get up -- and so far has been right -- even if it is only allowing 5 hours or so of sleep, I wake up 'fresh' rather than groggy, which is, er.... refreshing *hee hee!*
* * *

Still have not moved on the de-cluttering or simplifying... lots of head thoughts, very little physical movement... though I did make room for myself on my little couch -- which is where the pillow is sitting for the Gem Show pictures above.
* * *

Watched the superbowl - at least from half time on-- disappointed for Brady, happy for Manning... great moments at the end!  Loved Matthew Broderick in the Ferris Bueller for Gen X commerical... YAY!

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