Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 99 (!) I'm Back!

Well... not quite two weeks gone, but too long nonetheless.  Sheesh! I almost missed 100 days of Medifast!! Yikes!!

I go to Medifast Clinic tomorrow ~ two weeks ago my blood pressure was 96/48 ~ apparently that is quite low *grins!* I feel absolutely fine.  I was down 14.25 inches since March 2; a total inch loss of 56.5.

Our chorus went to Pasadena, California this past weekend and competed ~ we scored 601 points, which placed us 2nd place overall, and 1st place mid-sized chorus AND created a "Master Director" for our First-Time director! My quartet drove out together, we stayed in a room all together (I've not stayed four in a room in a long long time...), drove back together and still are having a great time.  I'm thrilled!

I haven't been to my doctor yet for blood work, nor have I searched for a new physician. This week. I'll get that started this week.

There is more news, but not quite ready to share with the world yet.

Hubby's Gallbladder and hernia surgery will be Monday ~ and he's been a bit stressed about that... understandably so. I'm glad contest is over and I can put some concentrated focus toward him and the house and what I need to do around here.

Diet-wise I'm good.  I'm a bit bored, but it comes and goes.

My getting up and Getting Exercise Habit has not transpired. *Deep Breath* But I'm not giving up.

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