Sunday, September 11, 2011

Day 253 ~ 93 Pounds Down!

7 lbs away from 100 pounds lost!
* * *

This has been (and continues to be) the year of cleaning out my head, clearing away pounds, and establishing new (healthy & fitness-oriented) habits.

I'm so tired of living with so much stuff.  Soon it will be the year of 'bye bye buy' and 'Curtail the Clutter... by Curtailing the Crafts.' This is the beginning of a plan -- and it will probably start with the 100-lbs gone party happening in about a month.

My new theme: keeping my house 'spur of the moment party' ready.
* * *

9/11. 10 years later. Still stings. Still hurts. No words.

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Norma AK Mom said...

Glad you are down so much and still hanging in there even though I know how difficult it is at times. Cleaning out your old craft room into your new room probably helped you get to the point where you knew you didn't need all the extras. You could probably have a yard sale?
Love you lots and will always keep praying for you