Friday, March 7, 2014

Restarting the Weightloss Journey ~ Differently

Holding myself accountable again... this time to myself and not anyone or any organization (i.e., MediFast)... Me.

Here is a new "Before" picture:

On Wednesday I decided, even though I'm not Catholic, that I would give up sugar for Lent. I have Stevia liquid in my bag for my Starbucks and other beverages, and while I'm not giving up fruit, I won't be eating food I know has sugar and its many over-processed forms as an ingredient.

Himself and I also started juicing again.

Wednesday morning, March 5th, I weighed 314.4. I cannot yet express my feelings at gaining back 85 pounds after MediFast.

This morning I was down 2 lbs.

I know in my heart that this plant-based eating and shopping locally as much as possible along with regular juicing will be my way of eating forever. Natural and Simple with as few processed ingredients as possible.

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