Friday, October 4, 2013

A month from today....

I will be on the plane, flying to Honolulu, Hawaii and preparing to compete with the Ahhhh-MAZE-ing Scottsdale Chorus at the Sweet Adelines International Contest & Convention.

I've not lost more weight.

I've been drinking more juice. Green Juice and tons of fruit.

My room is not clean. But it will be someday.

This next month is going to be way busy.... Hawaii is looming, and my local chorus has its annual show at the end of the month. My new quartet will be singing the Gospel song, "I'll Fly Away" as a quartet of witches.  I think that is funny.  We have a new bass, and it has been fun getting to know us as a new quartet - because when one cast member changes, the dynamic changes.

Life is good. I'm so grateful.

Life is difficult, and I'm trying too hard. I want to let go and let be what is.

I have a new Samsung Tablet 3 (7-inch), and himself got a Playstation Grand Theft Auto... so we are toyed up.

Some big decisions will have to be made after the contest in Hawaii ~ and it drives me crazy that I don't have a plan. I'm trying to just let what happens happen.

One EXTREMELY exciting thing is that a group of people from my church have been chosen to participate in a singing thing in January with Keith Lancaster's Praise & Harmony series.  We're not sure if we're all going to be able to go - a lot has to happen in the next 3 months (learning 25 songs, for instance)... but I can't express how excited that this is happening.  God is Good.

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